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Welcome to Lilford Framing.

We offer a complete bespoke framing service.  Our friendly and helpful staff have more than 30 years experience and are on hand to assist with any framing enquiry.

We also display the work of new, up and coming and internationally renowned artists in our gallery space.  The gallery is over 3 floors with an amazingly eclectic range of artwork, sculpture and jewellery.


Current Exhibition:

10th-25th April
Anthony Giles

Preview Evening Friday 6-8pm

Click here to view more work by Anthony

As his undoubted popularity as one of our leading contemporary English landscape painters increases so does the size and intense power of Anthony Giles' Seascapes.

This latest collection of new paintings is the culmination of hours of sketching and painting Kentís interesting and varied coastline. The perspicacity of this increasingly popular artist shows with every brush stroke and colour glaze that identifies the sea as one of natureís most powerful forces. He is consciously moving away from the recognisable form and construction of his earlier work and is, instead, moving towards an almost abstract form that conveys power and transient light above everything else, which, is to all intense and purpose what the sea is all about. Rainclouds dark and leaden above a foaming foreshore with just a glimmer of light on the horizon, or a summer squall moving quickly across a beach or harbour that obliterates all light and shape are everything that Anthony loves about living and working on the Kent coast.


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